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If you are you looking for a Financial Advisor, or you're not happy with your current advisor? Look no further you have come to the right person to assist you in achieving your Financial Goals.


I’m Francois Meyer an Independent Financial Planner with a difference!

Time is money, and don’t think for one moment you do have enough time. The sole purpose of me being a Financial Planner is to help you to become Financially Free as early in your lifetime as possible.
Like I said I am an Independent Financial Planner with a difference! Because I’ve been there, I’ve been through the mill; all together I’ve been in this industry now for 25 years.

With my experience I know what is important and where you will most probable could lose most of your investments if you are not very careful.

You could say I am a bid like a chameleon, I can change and adapt to what your specific needs are.
I use sophisticated tools to get to structure a Financial Plan to get the right answer for all your needs.

Together, within your needs and priorities and my expertise we need to structure a workable plan so as to get you to achieve your financial goals. Save a lot of money, don’t pay SARS to much of your hard earned cash, make sure that your heirs would receive what you left them and not someone else.

Our first interview, where we lay down the structure is free, there after we can either work on an hourly-based service fee or what ever suites you the best.

I cover the full spectrum of Financial Advice namely:

Investment advice – Local and abroad.

Mutual funds and stock exchange shares

Drawing up of Wills.

Financial needs analysis.

Estate planning.

Drawing up of Trusts

Life Insurance – contracts with all the mayor Insurance companies.

PPS – Professional Provident Society.

Business Insurance.

Motor & Household Insurance - contracts with all the mayor Insurance companies.

Registration of companies & closed corporation.

Help clients with debt consolidation.

Property Development.

Medical Schemes

Pension / Employee Benefits

Property & business dealmaker – certified estate agent or property broker.

Bond origination.

Bond origination.

Property Syndications

In 2001 when I became independent my whole Financial advice took a 180 degree turn due to a book given to me by my wife and daughter, called Rich Dad Poor Dad written by Robert Kiyosaki. I then started to play the Cashflow 101 & 102 Games and my whole outlook in investments and lots of other things changed. Due to his influence I am also very active but selective in MLM businesses.

WARNING: If you are happy with your life and don’t want to change, don’t read any of his books.

I am passionate in giving advice, I do believe that everyone should have a passive income, whether from property rentals, network marketing or consulting fees.

You should also be very wary of how you spend your money on all sorts of smiling faces.

For in the long run you can only blame yourself if your Financial Targets weren’t met.

Get a Financial IQ as quickly as possible. Gather as much information as possible about what your needs are and what it is you want to achieve. Then talk to the right people.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Profile. I am always open for great entrepreneurial ideas, should you share the same views I would love to hear from you.

Please do surf around on our website, take a look at our affiliate section for this is where we also help each other through these tough time called recession.
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Wishing you enough!

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Doorway to Financial Security
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