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Two different portfolio managers manage your investment portfolio through us. nl;

  1. Third Circle Asset Managers
  2. Efficient Group

How do they do it?


How does Third Circle Asset Management add value to your investment success?

It is the task of their portfolio managers to realize your growth and return expectations with the results of only a few selected collective investment schemes. These collective investment schemes were selected with your risk and return expectations in mind.  These collective investment schemes were selected with the aim to comply with you the investors risk and return expectations. Your expectations, on the other hand, are determined after joint consultation with your financial advisor and the Moneymax money personality profile. These collective investment schemes were selected to cover the entire risk spectrum with almost no overlap between them. The choice of collective investment schemes may vary from time to time as the investment climate changes.

What competitive edge does Third Circle Asset Management offer the investor?

Third Circle Asset Management utilizes the Moneymax® money personality profile to ascertain the needs of the investor whilst their portfolio managers use a Monte Carlo simulation model to optimize the solutions in the market with the expectations of the investor.  Whilst the Moneymax® profile assists the financial advisor to ascertain the investor’s capacity and appetite for risk, it is still the duty of the financial advisor to provide the investor with professional and objective advice. The use of the Moneymax® profile offers a definite competitive edge to the financial advisor and his client.

The Moneymax® profile was developed over a period of almost two decades by Dr Kathleen Gurney of The Financial Psychology Corporation.   Dr Gurney developed a scientific methodology to determine a person’s views on risk and his investments. Based on this information nine money personalities were designed.

What is a Monte Carlo Optimizing Model?

 A Monte Carlo Optimizing Model is used to select the most appropriate and best collective investment scheme. It enables them to target the maximum returns within the risk parameters of you the client.

Investment managers use the Monte Carlo Optimizing Model to establish the optimum allocation of funds, especially where there are many funds available to choose from.
The Monte Carlo Optimizing Model provides a definite competitive edge to Third Circle Asset Management as illustrated by the optimized returns for each personality type.

This approach ensures that fund allocation is done in an objective and transparent manner.

Money Personalities

The following is a summary of the nine money personalities:

Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs will take risks with their money to achieve a business or financial goal. They are motivated by the opportunity for greater growth in their investing and continually set higher and higher goals.
Hunters: Hunters are most confident if they seek guidance and structure in their money management and investing. They tend to worry about money, their financial security and what is most appropriate for them.
High Rollers: High Rollers are highly stimulated and motivated to excel financially. They seek out a challenge and are willing to take risks for the chance of achieving greater financial gain. Their approach is generally creative.
Safety Players: Safety Players prefer a cautious and arms-length approach to their money management. They avoid any chance of losing money in investing as financial security is a goal in their approach to investing.
Achievers: Achievers enjoy being highly involved in handling their money and investments. They prefer a conservative approach which prevents losing money. Generally speaking, they are proud of how they manage their money.
Perfectionists: Perfectionists are very thorough and particular in managing their money. They are concerned about making a mistake in investing their money and are careful to safe-guard against a potential mistake or financial loss.
Money Masters: Money Masters enjoy conserving their money and are motivated by value. They prefer to be very practical and pride themselves in making wise investments. They feel best when they are involved in managing their money.
Producers: Producers believe in working hard to earn a living in order to ensure financial security and peace of mind. They generally profit from guidance in investing and money management in order to reach their financial goals.
Optimists: Optimists prefer to avoid financial stress and worry with regard to their money management and investing. They are motivated to maintain a feeling of peace of mind and are positive and confident about their future.
Please note that there is no right or wrong personality type, this is merely an indication of the preferences of the investor.  It remains the duty of the advisor to guide the investor to the optimum investment.

With the advice from our consulting portfolio managers, Third Circle Asset Management designed nine different  portfolios to reflect the risk preferences of the nine personality types.  The portfolios also take into account the different asset classes preferred by the nine money personalities. The portfolio composition is made possible by the utilization of a Monte Carlo optimizing model.


There are two views on risk, one totally objective and the other subjectively considering the psyche of each person.

Targeted Return: is the probability of not meeting the expected return over a given time horizon.

Volatility: is a subjectively or personally experienced emotional state influenced by the ability to make decisions under conditions of uncertainty.


What is the Third Circle Asset Management solution for this problem?

The Third Circle Asset Management (Pty) Ltd solution is to give the same weight to both views on risk because investors want to be comfortable with their investment decisions and they would like to reach their pre-determined goals. They assess the investor’s ability and appetite to accept risk.

Therefore if they know what your Moneymax® money personality profile is, they can suggest a portfolio solution that is ideal for your money personality. It is the expertise of the financial advisor that will lead the investor to the right portfolio structure because the financial advisor will look at the investor’s personal financial position and goals.

The investor will have to decide what is more important, to reach his or her financial goals or rather stay in his or her money personality comfort zone.

The Moneymax® money personality programme as risk analysis is an excellent way to determine an investors risk profile, and assist him to design a portfolio for his needs.


For us to determine your risk profile it is imperative that you need to do the Moneymax® money personality profile test at a small fee of R299. You can do the test and the result will be forward to you within a couple of hours.

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