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~ Pentasure Group ~

We as Financial Service Providers specialise in the following:

  • Investment Advice
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Product Offerings
  • Employee Benefits
  • Consulting service
  • Fund Management
  • Administration of Retirement funds
  • Communication
  • Short-term Insurance
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Employee Benefits

Advice and services in respect of Group Insurance Schemes and Retirement funds.

Consulting service
Advice in respect of new products and market tendencies.
Revision of benefit structures
Costing of group life and disability benefits
Advice on amalgamations, transfer of retirement benefits etc.
Advice on legal matters pertaining to employee benefits.
Investment advice on all products available in the market.
Fund Management
Establishment of meeting procedures and keep the fund management informed about changes in legislation and market tendencies.
Training of existing and new Trustees.
Administration of Retirement funds
Advice and supervision in respect of day-to-day administration.
Ensure that contracts are correct and workable.
Training of administration personnel.
Supervision of underwriters/insurance companies, paying out benefits.
Handling of transfer benefits to new funds/alternative retirement arrangements.
Handling withdrawal benefits for individual members at registration/retirement/retrenchment.
Arrange information sessions for employees about benefit structures of retirement schemes.
Explain benefit statements.
Design benefit statements and arrange for the printing of summaries of rules and issuing of it to members.
Placing of fund benefits and investment advice at retirement.
Investment advice to dependants and beneficiaries.
Advice in respect of estate planning and drafting of wills.


We deal only with of the top insurance companies as underwriters to protect our client’s assets.
We absolutely believe in the middleman concept for it is the only sure way where the uninformed man on the street interest will be protected.
We do not believe in the cheapest premiums, but we strongly believe in value for money.



Established in 1997 as a private company, initially concentrated on the short term insurance market. Since then, the company has expanded its horizons and established a track record as a fully integrated Financial Service Provider of individuals as well as corporate clients across Southern Africa.

We are also

Registered as Financial Service Provider with the Financial Services Board – FSB 13287

Member of the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa. (FPI).


Investment Advice

As a registered financial planner we provide a comprehensive investment service to investors local and abroad. Our and the fund managers we work with mayor concern is capital protection and relative growth. Value is added in many ways of which the following are highlighted:

Liquidity – we absolutely believe that a mayor portion of our investor’s money must be liquid.
Diversification – is a key concept in our asset allocation together with risk analyses.
Asset classes, financial institutions, management teams, strategies and policies employed are thoroughly researched and analysed to ensure suitability and safety of investors’ funds.
Optimum balance is achieved between returns, risk, rand hedging, liquidity and minimum cost.
Flexibility to adjust structure without incurring unnecessary cost or administration burden is ensured.
Tax exposure (where applicable) is minimised.
Access is provided to a range of asset classes from which the ideal structure, necessary to achieve each particular investor’s objectives, is chosen.

Financial Planning

Our experience and knowledge combined with innovation and excellent support network, ensure that the following services can be rendered in the most competent and efficient manner.

Wealth Protection - Retirement Planning

Effectively addressing the need for a sustained passive income by applying the most effective structures and ensuring that taxes and estate duties are minimised.
Risk Cover

By performing a professional needs analysis in order to determine the sufficiency of death, disability and other traumatic event cover and to secure the best options for addressing these needs at the lowest possible premiums.
Trust Services

To form alternative structures, should the need dictate, such as Inter Vivos Trusts and Offshore Trusts and Companies as investment vehicles and to administrate them in accordance with client requirements.
Estates and Wills

To draw and amend wills and to accept appointments as Executors of Estates.
Tax Planning

Together with a team of highly professional network partners we assist where necessary in the structure and management of sensible tax planning to optimise net income and investment returns

Investment Product Offerings


We structure and invest cash funds in a selection of money market and deposit structures including exclusive Prime linked deposit accounts and money market funds. All these instruments offer complete accessibility and full capital guarantees. Cash management services are also available to corporate investors with cash balances exceeding R20 million. In all the above options we ensure that the very best rates of interest are earned at the least amount of trouble to the investor.
Guarantee Investments

Through our highly active and preferent merchant banking and life assurance network, we are able to secure guarantee instruments such as promissory notes and annuities at the best ruling rates available. Our in-house financial experts will ensure that these instruments are structured to meet any future capital need in accordance with client requirements.

Offshore Investments

Since the partial abolishment of foreign exchange regulations in 1997, we have become leaders in the placement of offshore investments. Our relentless search for quality fund managers and portfolios as well as the ongoing evaluation and monitoring processes have earned the respect of many investors who have benefited from acting on our advice. As strong advocates for offshore investing, we are proud to be able to offer a whole range of offshore investment products including:

  • Multi manager equity funds
  • Bond funds
  • Derivative funds and
  • Liquid reserve funds in all major currencies
Fixed Property

As CEA(Certified Estate Agent) and member of EAAB(estate Agents Affairs Board) we acknowledge the fact that fixed property should always form part of a well-balanced portfolio. Our investment advisors will weigh the value of existing property into the assessment of clients' asset portfolio and advise on diversification and further investment vis-à-vis property trusts, selected syndications or property portfolios.
Statutory Funds

We have access to the widest range of approved fund options for pension- and provident fund members withdrawing or retiring from their existing funds. Our new generation equity linked products are managed in accordance with investor requirements and built into his or her total financial planning model.
Unit Trust Funds

We are proud to offer the full range of unit trusts either for direct investment or via any of the top linked product service providers in South Africa. We also offer a range of wrap funds, which are modelled by a panel of professionals, supported by a host of independent financial analysts – locally and abroad.
Private Portfolios/Securities

We recognise the fact that investors, large or small, have a growing interest in the Stock Exchange and may experience the need to trade shares, have their portfolios managed or simply have their share certificates kept in safe custody. Pentasure can facilitate all these services through affiliate stock broking firms and will utilise these as part of the total asset management process undertaken for investment clients.



To provide our clients with the best possible financial and investment advice. To acknowledge that each client’s profile is unique and that short, medium and long term needs must be addressed to ensure;

Optimum returns
Minimal risk and above all...
Peace of mind

And to support each and every plan with commitment and the highest level of service and integrity.

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